Brining Digital Education to Disadvantaged & Rural Communities
Connecting Schools with Digital Classrooms and Wi-Fi Access

Brining Digital Education to Disadvantaged & Rural Communities
Connecting Schools with Digital Classrooms and Wi-Fi Access


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Ananya a not for profit that wants first generation learners to fully realize their potential by graduating with work ready skills wants to ensure quality education by setting up digital classrooms in 500 underserved disadvantaged schools particularly in Rural Karnataka.

As you are aware, education is the key to Unlocking opportunities and improving livelihoods. However, many children  in rural areas access to quality education due to lack of resources and infrastructure.

The Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the need for digital infrastructure in education. With schools closed for extended periods, students have had to rely on online classes to continue their education. However, many students in rural areas have been left behind due to lack of access to digital infrastructure.

Our project aims to address this gap by setting up digital classrooms in 500 rural schools in India. The digital classrooms will be equipped with computers, projectors, internet connectivity and other necessary infrastructure to enable students to access online resources and participate in virtual classes.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with local education authorities and schools. We have already initiated conversations and have understood the need and will work with them to identify schools that are in need of digital infrastructure and develop a plan for setting up digital classrooms.


  1. Improve access to quality education for students in rural areas.

  2. Provide teachers with tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning.

  3. Enable students to participate in virtual classes and access online resources.

  4. Create a model for sustainable digital infrastructure in education.

The cost per school can vary depending on several factors such as the location of the school, the number of rooms to be equipped with digital classrooms, the quality of equipment and technology being used, and the extent of Wi-Fi coverage required.

However, as a rough estimate, the cost of setting up a digital classroom with basic equipment such as a projector, screen, and sound system, along with Wi-Fi connectivity, can come to INR 3 lakhs (approximately USD 4,000) per school.

So for 500 schools we are looking at a programmatic budget of INR 15,00,00,000.

Plus an additional INR 1,95,00,000 for a team to roll out the project. 

The total cost of the project  is estimated to be INR 16,95,00,000.

It is important to note that this estimate does not include the cost of ongoing maintenance and support, which can add to the overall cost of the project. In addition, the cost can be reduced if the project is implemented at scale, with multiple schools being equipped simultaneously.

We are seeking your Support to fund this project and make a difference in the live of the students in rural areas.

We believe that this project will have a significant impact on the education outcomes of students in rural areas. With your support, we can empower students with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

We look forward to your support in making this project a reality.