Deep Mentoring for CS Students

Broadly this program is for those in the 1st year and 2nd year and the volunteers handhold them for three months on various topics Coding, Web development, Databases, Coding , Web Development, Databases.Coding, Generative AI- ChatGPT,Coding, Network, anything general in Tech.How to crack interviews, Basics of Excel, Basics of Operating Systems, Basics of Database, Basics of networking, Basics of C++, C, Python, Java , Coding, Web development, Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, Software Engineering. 

This has specific outcomes and the validation of learnings happens on the basis of achieving them .

What's Included

Soft Skills Programs

Workplace Etiquette,  Work From Home Training , Virtual Interviews and Group Discussions ∙ Negotiation Skills , LinkedIn Profile Building , Networking Skills, Resume Building, Aptitude, Facing Interviews, Branding and Image Building

Technical Skills Programs

Technical skills for students of Computer Science, Industry Relevant Skills , Emerging Technologies, Design Thinking , Hacker Rank (tailored to Indian coding proficiency levels).

Creative Skills Programs

Empowerment Trainings, Public Speaking , Spoken English in collaboration with SAP Toastmasters Club

Donation Campaigns

We facilitate year-long training programs conducted by industry professionals to hone soft skills. Support our program and help individuals polish their interpersonal skills.


Support for Computer labs

We facilitate year-long technical training programs conducted by skilled technical professionals. Support us by helping us build computer labs for individuals pursuing technical expertise.


Support for Digital accesses

Access to proper tools and technologies is crucial for the overall development and success of an individual. Support us to provide proper digital access to underprivileged students.