Empower Girls in Engineering : Scholarships and Support for Future-Ready Skills and Digital Access

Empower Girls in Engineering: Scholarships and Support for Future-Ready Skills and Digital Access


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We want to scale up of our scholarships program for girls studying engineering, which is currently supported by Ananya.

Our program has been successful in providing financial assistance to girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their dreams of becoming engineers. We have seen them grow into successful empowered citizens who contribute much to the society. There is also inter generational impact as we see their kids too getting better access to education healthcare and a good lifestyle.

However, we have seen there is a felt need to expand the program to reach more girls from underserved communities and disadvantaged colleges and those from economically challenged backgrounds and make a greater impact in the field of Engineering.

Our proposal is to expand the scholarship program to cover more girls and provide them with the comprehensive support system that we have chalked out and are providing to a smaller number, to succeed. 

We plan to achieve this by increasing the number of scholarships, providing mentoring and career guidance, and creating  networking possibilities to connect the students with industry professionals.

We at Ananya will be able to broaden the scholarships program and ensure that it remains aligned with its objectives. 

Ananya has already identified eligible colleges from which the most deserving students based on their academic performance, financial need to support their academics and digital access, and inherent potential to succeed in the field of engineering will be selected. 

The proposed yearly budget for the expanded scholarships program is as follows:

  • Scholarships: $500,000
  • Mentoring and career guidance: $50,000

  • Networking for job generation: $25,000

  • Program management and administration: $75,000

Total: $650,000

We are seeking your support to fund the expansion of the scholarships program. Your contribution will help us to make a greater impact in the lives of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who aspire to become engineers.

We believe that the scholarships program has the potential to transform the lives of these girls and empower them to become leaders in the field of engineering. With your support, we can make this vision a reality.

We look forward to your support in scaling up the scholarships program.