At Ananya, we make it our mission to support first generation learners, particularly meritorious young women from economically challenged backgrounds, in their journey to gainful employment in technology.

We enhance the aspirations, opportunities and career prospects of enthusiastic and committed young people.

We design customised employability skills programmes for businesses to provide high quality employee volunteering opportunities and a tangible vehicle to deliver genuine social value in the community.

ENABLING TERTIARY EDUCATION – by providing scholarships, digital access, projects, life skills & medical security.

IMPARTING EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS – by partnering with colleges and corporates to bridge the gap between college and career.

FOSTERING QUALITY EDUCATION – by partnering with disadvantaged schools to reach under-served students to ensure digital access, improved classroom facilities, career counselling, life-skills training, honing leadership potential to create a steady pipe line of first generation of college going students.

NURTURING COMMONS FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS DEVELOPMENT – By responding to the asks of the local communities impacted by the silting of the lake, Lake restoration, creation of upstream & downstream linkages, afforestation in the periphery is planned to set-in motion a virtuous cycle of livelihoods, biodiversity and native knowledge.