We establish a Strategic Corporate Connect with partner colleges across India using active volunteer engagement to hone leadership potential and create a steady pipeline of employable graduates in technology. 

01. Full Circle Support

Ananya’s core focus is to ensure more women in technology jobs and foster SDG 5 goals. A select group of meritorious young women are given high impact job training that includes projects and internships in industry, honing leadership skills, and even emergency medical support.

02. Employability Skill Training

Simultaneously, we extend the employability skills programs to a larger group of economically challenged students (particularly women) undergoing tertiary education. We bridge the gap between college and corporate by facilitating interaction with industry experts, imparting job ready skills in core technologies. With virtual engagement we are able to make deep inroads into disadvantaged colleges in aspirational districts earmarked by NITI Aayog all across the country, resulting in an explosion in the number of students reached.

03. Scaling by Collaborating

Collaborating with government, industry, academia, service providers, not for profits across the skilling ecosystem to improve the quality and scale of our collective efforts.

04. Support them Young

Support disadvantaged children in schools, to inspire them to think big, handhold them with college and career counselling and mentoring to prevent dropouts.

05. Foster SDG 5 Goal

To work towards achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Help close the achievement gap for all first-generation college goers especially women who are talented skilled and have the potential to form a flexible workforce that’s needed for the rapidly changing economy.