Partner Testimonials

Dr. J Lakshmi Narayana

Principal, Priyadarshini Institute of Science and Technology for Women, Khammam, Telangana State

“I would like to thank the Ananya team, especially Smt. Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy (Managing Trustee) of Empower Ananaya for considering my request and organizing various training programs to all the students of our college during last 3 Months. This training will help to improve the skills and to get jobs in the IT and ITES Sectors. The best parts of the training were Business Analytics ,Data Science, ML, Design Thinking, Resume building, Personal Branding, Cloud Technology, British Telecom Product and Services, Hacker Rank, Interview Skills etc. These were very helpful to improve the confidence level of students.”

Dr. Thirumleshwara Bhat

Principal, Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management, Bantakal, Udupi

“We are extremely happy to work with Ananya Foundation to empower the students with many industry skills.”

Student Testimonials

Masira Tasneem

Completed her Diploma will be joining engineering

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who provided me with their assistant during our inplant training. I’m extremely thankful to ” Ananya”, for giving me an opportunity to undergo software skills and technical training. Furthermore I would like to appreciate the learnings during the inplant training to  Southern Electronics private limited, where the various processes and the functioning of the equipments in the factory were explained in detail.  I’m deeply thankful to Mrs. Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy, for her encouragement, affection, valuable advice and guidance that helped me to complete this training successfully. I look forward to pursuing engineering in Medical Electronics

Ananya facilitating technology sessions in collaboration with
British Telecom Volunteers.

Bindushree M

Thank you, British Telecom Team and Ananya for conducting skill-set sessions and putting your extra efforts during your busy schedule to teach us. The basic information you gave us on various topics such as Agile, Kubernetes, Employability skills and Quality assurance and much more… was very clear, helpful and relevant. In addition to this technical education, we also learnt behavioural manners from you all which is very important for our daily lives. A huge gratitude to British Telecom

Kavya Selvan

I would like to thank Ananya Foundation for providing such informative presentations and workshops for campus recruitment preparation. I learnt a lot of things which I did not know before like Docker, Jenkins, cloud computing, etc. This workshop has triggered a spark in me to acquire more knowledge on networking related stuff as I want to make my career in Cyber Security and Network Security. It was delightful to have a session with popular leading companies in the world. I am looking forward to having more sessions like this as it would help me with my placement.

Chandana H N

I am happy that I could attend the Ananya British Telecom tech webinar sessions. The sessions were informative and helpful in skill development. I learned about various technical contents like speed mentoring, cloud computing, design, and architecture. As an engineering student, I would like to say that these webinars were a great help to me.

Ananya facilitating Civil Engineering sessions with
ROHINI PMC & Oracle Volunteers

Devika R S

While attending interviews for jobs and interviews, Civil Engineering students have to face a lot of questions related to the construction field, which we are less familiar with when the syllabus of our study is considered.

But the Civil Engineering sessions organized by Ananya- Rohini PMC is a great help. It not only makes us more familiar with the practices on site but also helps in brushing up the portions we have already learnt in college. The sessions on various topics and the case studies shared were worth the time. The question-answer sessions at the end, seems more effective, with online polls and discussions. I am sure that the sessions would help me perform better in future interviews.

Utkarsha Mahendra Barabde

All the sessions are conducted really well and too useful. The thing I am liking the most is the practicality touch in every theoretical concept. In college lectures, I can learn more theoretical ideas than practical, and this pandemic have added its flavour to it because of so many restrictions to us, students and teachers as well. I am really thankful to ANANYA for such a great opportunity. I would like to hear more case studies and also as discussed in first 1 or 2 sessions, Software learning is also the part of this entire program, I am eager to learn that software.

Rajeswari P K

Civil Engineering is not just about learning from books; it can only be learnt completely on the field by observing how things work on site. The classes conducted by Ananya -Rohini PMC helped to learn how things work on-site and when you practically do a project. It was so easy to understand when they explained it based on their works and all. During this current Covid situation it is really hard to learn site works. But the classes were from so much experienced people so it was really helpful. It even helped me to prepare for interviews.

Ananya in collaboration with
SAP Volunteers


Thanking ANANYA for conducting the SAP session. The session describes the real-time working industry virtually for me. I got a good knowledge of the topics and a basic idea about the interviews.

Nandini Panchani

Design thinking was very informative as they guided us from scratch. With resume building they give every scholar to speak in front of everyone. We are ready to attend some more sessions like this. Thank you Ananya team for the opportunity.

Felomina Jancy

The sessions were very useful and I was able to gain knowledge on different topics and a basic idea about the interviews. Thank you ANANYA for selecting apt and interesting topics that will be useful for each and every student’s career.

Ananya in collaboration with
Oracle Volunteers

Naveen C

I would like to thank Oracle, ANANYA for its amazing Virtual Sessions. The sessions are so informative, they helped understand prerequisites and many concepts of various fields.

Lingala Giri Nandini

Thank you so much ANANYA for this type of workshop. The sessions were very useful and I was able to gain knowledge on different topics.

Akanksha Tewari

The sessions were really helpful for technical students. Thanks ANANYA for these sessions.