Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

(Managing Trustee)

An Environmentalist, an Educationist, with in-depth understanding of the Developmental sector, with over two decades of experience. A recognised leader working in building effective collaborative networks of communities to seek social justice in diverse areas. She is prolific in building strategic relationships, garnering resources and facilitating volunteer engagements, to ensure the sustainability of interventions to achieve the objectives of Ananya. She is also a cofounder and Vice president Of Headstreams and as Managing Trustee Ananya, she is passionately involved in creating spaces for young people to realise their full potential and have big dreams. She believes that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and strives through Ananya to give wings to their dreams

Ramya Amrit Kumar

She is a passionate software developer who graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from BNM Institute of Technology. Along with enjoying motherhood, she is a sports enthusiast.

She is a vice-president at Goldman Sachs who also likes to mentor her juniors.


Devika is a technical lead at Myntra graduated from RVCE, computer science department.In her own words, “I am proud to be a part of Ananya,  since its inception. I relate myself to the vision of Ananya very closely, as, I strongly believe in empowering women, who are in need of guidance to build their career.”

Board Of Advisors

Nandita Jacob

Nandita Jacob our go to person for everything, says “Women are half the world, but are often systematically placed in a disadvantageous position, whether it be education, or empowerment. When you uplift women and provide them opportunities for their growth and development, you not only support her, but you multiply the benefits to her offspring and lives to follow, creating a long lasting and life changing impact.”